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“Happy Little Faces”
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HLF informational scheme

  • Free and quality education: more than 485 children benefited
  • Free campaigns: dental campaigns / vaccination campaigns
  • Projects: biogarden / electric energy savings / solar panels
  • Healthy luncheras: monthly donations of quinoa for the families of our
    Students and the most vulnerable population of the area
  • Schools for parents: talks on prevention of family violence, among others


Read satisfying words

“Good morning teachers, moms, company in general, I am Jenny Rondan mother of Alice

Alessia Fasabi Rondan who is in the classroom of 3 years at the Happy Little Faces Educational Institution, my girl when she finishes her years of education wants to practice a medical degree, wants to be a doctor.

I appreciate and appreciate the effort that the teachers make to teach the children because we are going through a difficult situation and these months of education that my daughter is taking have been favorable, my daughter has advanced, has grown educationally for that reason I thank the Exandal company and Colorexa for the support they are providing to children through free education.

A special greeting to both companies and tell them that this help and all the effort they make to keep the school moving forward will be rewarded, finally I would like to encourage the rest of the parents to continue supporting us as well as the Exandal and Colorexa companies. support. Thank you very much.”

Jenny Rondan

Alessia’s Mother  –  3  Year  Old  Classroom

“Good evening, I am Mrs. Ruth Fabian, mother of Patrick Vega from the 4-year-old classroom, thanking the entire teaching staff of the educational institution because despite the difficult time we are experiencing due to the pandemic they give us more of their time to arrive each one of our children and continue with their work: teacher – student.

It was difficult for us to adapt to this pace of work but little by little we have achieved it and learned together.

I thank the Exandal companies for their continuous work and support, also to Colorexa.

Thank you very much and God bless you.”

Ruth Fabian

Patrick’s Mother – 4  Year  Old  Classroom

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