Happy Little Faces | About Us
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About Us


“Happy Little Faces,” is a charitable organization and kindergarten founded and funded by Exandal USA Corporation, Colorexa USA Corporation and Andean Star Corporation. Portion of the proceeds from the sales of Exandal’s, Colorexa’s  and Andean Star’s products are used for funding this tuition-free kindergarten that provides daycare, education, lunches and snacks for some of the local poor children of Lima, Peru. Since the shareholders of Exandal,, Colorexa and Andean Star are also Peruvian, they believe in giving back to their community because “the future of today’s children will determine the future of our home country”.

Exandal, Colorexa and Andean Star are also able to sponsor events and activities for Happy Little Faces thanks to the continuous support from our business and customers.

Our goal is to share our resources with the generation of Peruvians who are most in need: the children. We want to improve the physical and intellectual development of these children who have been impoverished and not given the same opportunities as those in other countries.

By initiating these actions in places of extreme poverty, we seek to promote social and integral development in the areas where education and proper nutrition are most needed.  Moreover, we aim to expand our reach further and contribute social assistance to the neediest places inside the country, with a special emphasis on growth and education.


Our goal is to create centers for children in the early stages of growth and development.

We believe that helping children at an early age by providing them with both education and food supply can essentially lay the foundation for developing their learning skills to be used later in life.

We hope that our actions will make a positive long-term impact on children, their communities, and the country of Peru.


Respect for human rights.

Equality, social justice and intolerance for discrimination. We hope to help build a society in which all persons can benefit from a socially supportive environment.

The implementation of this policy in a way that is honest and responsible.


To create an organization that offers a broad range of services; providing quality education in the most vulnerable areas of our country.


To promote capabilities and build skills based on quality education, which will thus serve to develop and improve the quality of life for low-income families in Peru.